Why choose Horse Arc?

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Updated 01/01/17

Easy tow kit - move by hand

Introducing the Easy Move System, making light work of moving your Arc, even over wet mud.

Your towing kit includes:

8" wide timber skids2 x detachable steel and timber bracing bars1 x chain and fixings2 x extra grid pads2 x feather edge planks (FEB)6 x aluminium roller bars

Step 1

Concrete blocks

When you order a Horse Arc you will get concrete blocks which are bolted to the thrust bars. Detach the blocks from the metal thrust bars by unscrewing the bolts.

Step 2

Raise the arc

Use the concrete block and length of wood to lever up the arc.

Step 3

Insert skids

While the arc is raised, have a second person slide the wooden skids under both sides of the Arc, on top of the EcoGrid.

Step 4

Insert roller bars

Next slide the metal roller bars in between the bottom of the arc and the skids.

Step 5

Attach fixings

Lay the EcoGrid in front of the wooden skids and attach the chain to the metal fixings. Then simply pull the arc, allowing it to glide smoothly over the roller bars. When you reach the end of the EcoGrid matts, move the matts and rollers forward and pull the arc further forward.

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