Warranty & Maintenance

Horse Arc Warranty
Your Horse Arc is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of build completion. This warranty covers and guarantees against:
- Wind damage up to 80mph
- Withstanding pressure from horses leaning or scratching
- Wood cladding against rot

The Horse Arc warranty is subject to the customer following the checks and maintenance procedures listed; and to notify AlfrescoArch of problems immediately they occur. Failure to do so will void your Horse Arc warranty.

The Horse Arc 10 year warranty excludes:
- Damage from horses impacting (kicking, striking, chewing ) the structure
- Wooden components - minor warping, splitting, knots dropping out; However, we do have easy maintenance systems customers can perform to rectify any of these minor problems.
- Kickboards

Horse Arc Maintenance Instructions and Warranty Criteria
Pre-Oct 2015 Horse Arcs
- The two outer edges of the Arc must be treated with wood preservative within 6 months of installation and annually thereafter
- All fixing points must be checked at least once a month and re-fixed if necessary.

Arcs from October 2015
Horse Arcs now come with protected ends. All new models have a complete enclosed, damp proof course barrier.These models do not require wood preservative.

Additional Advice
- Further preservatives to wood cladding etc. will extend the life of your Horse Arc beyond 10 years.

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