Why choose Horse Arc?

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Updated 01/01/17

Relocating your field shelter to another field

If you need to move to a different site, the Horse Arc is easy to pack up and doesn't require large haulage vehicles to transport it.

Dismantling your arc

Concrete blocks

Your arc should take approximately 2 hours to dismantle. Start by uncovering your concrete blocks and unbolting them from the thrust bars.

Remove the thrust bars.

Using a stepladder, climb on top of the arc and remove the PVC strip at the apex, by removing the staples.

Remove weatherboard

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws from the weatherboard, one by one, starting at the top of the arc. Lay these flat on top of each other and bind them together with rope to make bundles.

You should now be left with the arc frame, which is made up of 4 wooden arches. Unscrew these one by one, carefully laying them flat.

Transporting your arc

Dismantled Arc

The dismantled Arc is compact, forming bundles no longer than 12ft long. This would easily fit into a standard removals van.

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