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Updated 01/01/17

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I would recommend the Horse Arc design as a safe, effective shelter for horses in the field

Nittingham Trent University

Anna Gregory – Head of the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences.

In 2014, the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham Trent University, undertook a research project on equestrian field shelters. They included the Horse Arc in their study. The results showed that the horses were safe and happy in the Arcs and it vastly outperformed traditional shelters.

It is approximately 18 months since you installed a 'Horse Arc' field shelter for us at Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre. We use it primarily for our herd of 5 research ponies who live out all the time. It has been particularly successful due to it's open ended design, the ponies cannot get trapped inside by the more dominant members of the herd. This encourages the meeker ones to use it as they feel safe. Often they will all use it together, some in it and others half in it. They also shelter from the wind or sun by standing against it out side. The open ended design also means the shelter has plenty of natural light, good ventilation and doesn't get hot in the summer.

When the grass got too much in the summer we put 4 large horses in the field, all over 16.2hh, they used the Ark a great deal for shade, again all in together, and seemed to enjoy letting the 'curtains' blow over them, even the spooky ones! We had no worries of them getting trapped inside and kicked.

We had some initial worries that the horses might injure themselves on the 'thrust bars', this has proved not to be the case and I have no worries about this now having used the shelter.

The external shape of the Arc has proved particularly resilient to strong winds, the 2 winters we have had the Arc have been very windy but despite a traditional shaped shelter in an adjacent paddock blowing completely over, the Arc has stayed put.

I would recommend the Horse Arc design as a safe, effective shelter for horses in the field.

We are thrilled with them

Horse Arcs in spain

Sharon Howlett, Anadaluscia, Spain

We will definitely order more in the future.
I have been giving you lots of recommendations.

Superb quality and it has stood up to some very serious winds

A field shelter for large horses

Sean and Sharon Carrick, Lincolnshire.

Thank you to Horse Arc for their excellent service. Our new Horse Arc is great and our horses love it.

Superb quality and it has stood up to some very serious winds that we have recently had. Highly recommend this company and their products.

A Horse Arc = very happy ponies

Horse Arc on the landscape

Fiona Crawford, Devon

One year on and the Arc is still standing strong. It has been battered by all the elements, being level with some of the highest tors on Dartmoor it has had it's work cut out. The two old ponies barely left it during the long summer days. They loved to stand nose to tail inside, swishing the flies off each other, out of the direct sun and still in the cool breeze. A Horse Arc = very happy ponies. Thank you.

...one of the horses was literally queuing up to get in

Horse Arc with fly nets

Juliet Jessop, Gloucester

With two horses in desperate need of shade in the hot weather we have been having, I contacted Horse Arc to see if they could help - and they did!

The arc was fun to put up (I 'assisted' in the build) and one of the horses was literally queuing up to get in :-). Putting it up gave me an appreciation of the clever design - it is designed with the horses in mind - they can get in and out easily without pushing each other around, they can scratch on it, it will withstand the winds and not freak them out... My mare has taken quickly to it and loves the fly netting - she stands with her nose against it. The other horse is taking a while to adjust to it but he is getting there. All in all, a great investment, and I can relax knowing they can make their own decision about when to be in or out... thank you Mark and Kelly, you really have helped make their lives much more comfortable.

The horses and ponies love it

Horses eating in their field shelter

Ann Barlow, Abingdon RDA, Oxford

It took a while for the ponies to pluck up the courage to use the Arc, but after they had sussed it out they were straight in, eating their hay and sheltering from the elements. We are thrilled with the arc, the horses and ponies love it and it has turned a rather bleak field into something far more interesting.

Fox and Flame love their Arc

Horses with the field shelter in the snow

Jonathan Stanley, Norfolk

Our horses love their Horse Arc. We have also got some great comments from passers by.

Thank you for our beautiful shelter

A newly build field shelter

Anne Jones, Matlock

It's brilliant! Thank you so much for our beautiful shelter. We have had many positive comments from friends and passing people too!

They like it so much they even dragged their hay tub into it

Mr Y, Rutland

I needed a shelter for two youngsters that were wintering out, and I wasn't sure they would use a traditional shelter and was worried that it would be a waste of my money. I saw the Horse Arc at the Lincoln Christmas Market and thought I would try it. The horses love it, they are more often than not in it when it is rainy & windy, and in fair weather they actually include it in their games, chasing each other round it and in and out of it. They stand in it nose to tail, side by side or one looking out of each end. They like it so much they even dragged their hay tub into it so they could eat out of the weather! Thoroughly recommend."

Billy went straight up into it on arrival

Inside the Horse Arc

Vicky Rawlinson, Somerset

Billy went straight up into it on arrival. Chester also goes through now with no problem after his initial suspicions. The green fly nets are now partially down and they don't mind them at all. It's quite muddy in there, so they must be using it. They definitely use it as a scratching post - those metal braces seem to reach the parts which other scratching posts can't reach!

A really ornamental structure which the horses love

Horse inspecting its field shelter

Gill Dixon, East Yorkshire

Mark and his colleague arrived at the time stated and worked quietly and diligently to erect the Arc, making sure that we were happy with the chosen site. They cleared up afterwards and the arc looked like it was well and truly meant to be. A really ornamental structure which the horses love and I am very pleased with. Thanks.

...peace of mind that the horses have optional shelter and aesthetically very pleasing

A beautiful field shelter that blends with the landscape

Meredith Knight, Wales

Had a really enjoyable couple of days working with you on the arc, thank goodness we had pleasant weather. The two big horses (17.2hh) have been in and out of it (not seen the cob in it yet but he will take longer because of his nature/life experience). We came home earlier and I shouted Caspa and his head popped out of the shelter, ears pricked lol!

Really happy with it, peace of mind that the horses have optional shelter and aesthetically very pleasing. It looks great from the valley and the track. Thanks again Mark.

I have to let you know how much I and my horses love the Horse Arc

Horse coming our of field shelter

Carole Harvey, Northampton

I have to let you know how much I and my horses love the Horse Arc. I have had some health issues and needed to know my boys could have shelter from the sun, wind and rain if I could not take them into the stables. Their paddock is 20 yards from the river and the fly sheets are brilliant to deter the flying insects that are around in the summer. My sturdy cob likes to have a good scratch and I was concerned that the usual field shelters would not stand up to his antics, but the Horse Arc just flexes with him and he is one happy boy!! I love the arc concept as the horses can walk in and out either side and not feel trapped. They seem to really like 'camping out' and do not seem that fussed about not coming in every night. It is such a relief for me to know that my boys have shelter and are happy. I thoroughly recommend the arc. And Mark has been great. He is so helpful and nothing is too much trouble for him. Great product. Great team. Thank you.

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