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Updated 01/01/17

Thumbs up from University for Horse Arc Field Shelter

Testing the Horse Arc

Choosing the best mobile field shelter for your horse is a big decision, with a sizeable investment involved for the horse owner. When shopping around for mobile field shelters it helps to read reviews from real customers.

The School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham Trent University, undertook a research project on equestrian field shelters. They included the Horse Arc in their study. The results showed that the horses were safe and happy in the Arcs and it vastly outperformed traditional shelters.

Anna Gregory, Head of the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham University said "We tested the Horse Arc field shelter for an 18 month period at Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre. We use it primarily for our herd of 5 research ponies who live out all the time. It has been particularly successful due to its open-ended design, the ponies cannot get trapped inside by the more dominant members of the herd. This encourages the meeker ones to use it as they feel safe. Often they will all use it together, some in it and others half way in it. They also shelter from the wind or the sun by standing against it outside. The open-ended design also means the shelter has plenty of natural light, good ventilation and doesn't get hot in the summer."

Anna goes on to say, "When the grass got too much in the summer we put 4 large horses in the field, all over 16.2hh, they used the Arc a great deal for shade, again all in together, and seemed to enjoy letting the 'curtains' blow over them, even the spooky ones! We had no worries of them getting trapped inside and kicked.

"We had some initial worries that the horses might injure themselves on the 'thrust bars', this has proved not to be the case and I have no worries about this now having used the shelter."

The external shape of the Arc has proved particularly resilient to strong winds, the 2 winters we have had the Arc have been very windy but despite a traditional shaped shelter in an adjacent paddock blowing completely over, the Arc has stayed put.

"I would recommend the Horse Arc design as a safe, effective mobile field shelter."

So there you have it, fully tried and tested by the clever horses at NTU and given their stamp of approval. View the full letter of recommendation from the University along with other horse owner testimonials for Horse Arc on our testimonials page.

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