Why choose Horse Arc?

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Warranty & Maintenance

Your Arc has a 10 year warranty from the date of build completion.

The Arc warranty is subject to:
1) the customer following the checks and maintenance procedures listed; and
2) the customer notifying Alfresco Arch of problems immediately. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

Your warranty excludes:
- Moving parts
- Wooden components - minor warping, splitting, knots dropping out; However, we do have easy maintenance systems customers can perform to rectify any of these minor problems.
- Impact Damage: Damage resulting from kicks, chewing and rubbing from livestock - wear and tear
- Appliances (come with their own manufacturer's warranty)
- Goods outside of the UK

Essential Checks and Maintenance Procedures
Failure to undertake the following will void your arc warranty:
1. Keep the bottom of the Arc clear from mud and vegetation.
2. Check for any broken or loose screws every month. Replace or tighten any screws to ensure the cladding is secure.
3. Apply a quality, clear decking oil to all external timber as soon as possible after construction, then every two years thereafter. We recommend ‘Frogsuit Decking Oil’, which we can supply when the arc is constructed.
4. The thrust bars or towing supports (supplied in our easy tow kit) must be securely fitted at all times. Failure to do so voids your warranty as it weakens the arc.

Pan Products Ltd will not be liable for any injuries or harm sustained in relation to the arcs. The customer is responsible for their own safety and well-being.

Validity of Warranty
The product build instructions must be adhered to in order to comply with the conditions of the warranty. If any part of the structure is cut, notched or drilled such actions must also adhere to the build instructions.
The warranty is invalid if:
The building has been customised or modified in any way.
The person claiming is not the original purchaser of the building.
The building has not been erected, fitted or installed correctly by a trained employee of Alfresco Arch.
The customer has failed to adhere to the Essential Checks and maintenance Procedures above.

General Information
Wood is a natural product and susceptible to changes in the external environment. Extremes of temperature or weather conditions will cause a reaction in the timber. Sawn timber items in particular may split. This doesn’t necessarily affect the structural strength of the wood or the product.
Products and Buildings include all those advertised, specifically described and sold by Pan Products Ltd (also trading as Alfresco Arch) which incorporate its patented arch support structure; these include its Arch Building designs and all their derivatives which make up its product range at any time.

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